Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conehead Conundrums

Conehead is no more! Mason is very happy to be going naked these days. Free at last! But before we leave the subject of the e-collar I’ll share some photos with you. Mason found out if he pushed his e-collar down his long, skinny neck he could still get to his incision, so we improvised. I had a foam neck collar from a whiplash years ago and it fit Mason perfectly. That kept him from pushing the e-collar down his neck until he got used to wearing it and left his incision alone.

The e-collar tended to catch things. It was really handy while eating a bone. It acted like a doggy T.V. tray.

When he couldn’t get the last bite he could always stand up and drop the rest on the floor. On the other hand, the e-collar caught a few things it shouldn’t have. Mason would get a piece of foam left under the furniture by the carpet cleaners. Even when told not too it was just too tempting. When confronted he tried to look very innocent but the evidence gave him away.

The cone wasn’t that much fun for us either. Mason often misjudged the width of the cone. He’d come running too us and hit us from behind. No, we won’t miss the cone. We kept up with Mason’s training, e-collar or not. We got many strange looks at the mall when we took Mason for walks. We also were asked many time why he was wearing the cone. When we told them that he was neutered the responses were interesting. The women would usually have a sympathetic comment like, “Ohhh, the poor little puppy.” The men, however, rarely said anything. They just winced. After a long walk it was nice to come home and have a good rest. The cone served it’s purpose. Mason’s incision healed very well. When we took the cone off he didn’t even bother with it. The first thing he did was give his neck a good scratch. The next thing he did was lick other places he hadn’t been able to reach for many days. Oh, the joy of being a dog.