Saturday, May 17, 2008

PuppyPlay Day 2008

On May 10th Guide Dogs of Texas had it's second annual Puppy Play Day at the K9 Country Club north of San Antonio. A good time was had by all - pups and people. It was a hot day, so the pups spent a lot of time in the pool.
Mason seems to be trying to coax Oliver into the water. "Come in. The water's fine."
When Mason gets wet he looks skinny. I was going to say he looks like a drowned rat, but, truthfully, I've never actually seen a drowned rat. Have you? Anyway, he looks a lot better dry than wet.
Two on a toy. Mason wants to make it three.
The puppies didn't spend all of their time in the pool. They ran around the rest of the grounds, including this playground. When I downloaded this picture I noted that Mason wasn't actually playing in the playground. Oops!

This lab found a nice, shady place to rest.

Unfortunately the combination of the heat, lots of time in the pool and all the running around had a negative consequence. Mason and some of the other puppies tore the pads on his paws. We had one sore puppy for a few days. He wouldn't even walk outside. So we put ointment and socks on his feet and carried him in and out. He looked like a sheep.
Mason played so hard one day
His feet were sore as heck.
He had to go outside and pee,
But was a nervous wreck.

We put socks on his feet
Carried him in and out.
That helped him do his business
And he didn't have to pout.

So Mary had a little lamb
And boy did he look odd
But he soon was feeling well
And walking on the sod.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Before and After Grooming

This week we took Mason to Doggie Dooz to have a professional grooming and clipping. Our thanks go to Jeff and Kelli Wright for the complimentary grooming. We appreciate it and we can tell Mason does too. He was going through his third (and final) coat change so had lots of hair to deal with. He has a soft, wooly coat a lot like a lamb. The cut was just in time for the hot, summer weather.


Kelli said that Mason did well during the grooming after some initual nervousness. Considering that the noise of clippers freaked him out when I got my haircut a few months ago that was good to hear.
"Don't I look handsome?!" (he said modestly as he posed so nicely.)