Saturday, May 17, 2008

PuppyPlay Day 2008

On May 10th Guide Dogs of Texas had it's second annual Puppy Play Day at the K9 Country Club north of San Antonio. A good time was had by all - pups and people. It was a hot day, so the pups spent a lot of time in the pool.
Mason seems to be trying to coax Oliver into the water. "Come in. The water's fine."
When Mason gets wet he looks skinny. I was going to say he looks like a drowned rat, but, truthfully, I've never actually seen a drowned rat. Have you? Anyway, he looks a lot better dry than wet.
Two on a toy. Mason wants to make it three.
The puppies didn't spend all of their time in the pool. They ran around the rest of the grounds, including this playground. When I downloaded this picture I noted that Mason wasn't actually playing in the playground. Oops!

This lab found a nice, shady place to rest.

Unfortunately the combination of the heat, lots of time in the pool and all the running around had a negative consequence. Mason and some of the other puppies tore the pads on his paws. We had one sore puppy for a few days. He wouldn't even walk outside. So we put ointment and socks on his feet and carried him in and out. He looked like a sheep.
Mason played so hard one day
His feet were sore as heck.
He had to go outside and pee,
But was a nervous wreck.

We put socks on his feet
Carried him in and out.
That helped him do his business
And he didn't have to pout.

So Mary had a little lamb
And boy did he look odd
But he soon was feeling well
And walking on the sod.

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