Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mason's Graduation

Hi, my name is Jamie Landy and I work for Guide Dogs of Texas as an Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. It is my pleasure to inform you that Mr. Mason has come into Advanced Training to be a Guide Dog. Now that Mason is playing with the big boys our first course of action was to assign him a Boarder. This is a very important thing for me seeing as I can't take weekends, holidays, work trips or even get through a class with a client unless I have a Boarder for the pups.
The picture on the left is of Mason coming into advanced training with his puppy raisers Wes and Mary Reimer and Mason's new boarder Carol Deil (to the far right)
Down Below are some pictures of Mason enjoying his new boarder's house.

When you graduate to big boy school it's time to turn in your blue puppy jacket and upgrade to a brown leather harness.

Well thats all for now folks. When I get more pictures I will post more blogs!


puppyluver said...

Yahoo for Mason!!

Great job Jamie!

puppyluver said...


We love hearing about his adventures, this is going to be great!! Good Luck Jamie and Mason, and GREAT JOB WES AND MARY!!!!