Saturday, November 17, 2007

Silvers Grand Opening

Today we went to the grand opening of Silvers Pet and Feed Supply in Cibolo. They had a big celebration with a DJ, food, a Moonjump, petting zoo and much more. It was a fun time for us and a great time for exposing Mason to various stimuli. There were several dogs, a cat, goats, ducks, chickens, a tortoise, a pony, a horse, birds and lots of people.
Mason did well with all the distractions. He was most distracted, of course, by the other dogs. Even around them he was generally well behaved. He was very curious about the different animals.
He wasn’t even frightened of the huge Belgian Draft House named Thor, that is until Thor snorted. That was a bit startling for Mason and that was enough of looking a draft horse in the mouth.
We were asked many questions about Mason and the guide dog program. As usual we used the time to educate people of all ages.
There was a pet parade and contest with various categories. We were hoping Mason might win the one for the cutest pet (even though he technically isn’t a pet) but he didn’t. Indeed there was another pet deemed cuter than him – and it wasn’t even another dog. The cutest pet was a baby goat. Can you believe Mason lost to a goat? That was a little hard on his ego. But he was a good sport. Here he is congratulating the winner. Isn’t it cute in the little pink dress?!
Thank you, Silvers, for a fun time for the whole community. And best wishes for a successful business.