Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mason Gets His Sea Legs

We recently went on a two hour boat ride on Lake Buchanan with friends. Before the cruise three of us gave Mason a run for the money - well a run to get the wiggles out. One man said Mason could have run a few miles. Indeed he has lots of energy. That should help him in his future profession.
Before we got on the boat I also took the opportunity to work on going up and down steps. It's not that Mason doesn't know how to do that. He just has to learn to do it at a walking pace, rather than a gallop. Someday someone will be grateful for us teaching him to pace himself on the steps.
It was a cloudy and windy day, but not too cold, considering it was December. As we went down this dock that moved as we walked Mason was a bit unsure of the movement, but he didn't panic.
On the boat we kept an eye out for bald eagles which are often seen in this area. Unfortunately we didn't see any eagles. We did, however, see some wild goats. Mason wasn't thrilled. After losing to a baby goat in the Cutest Animal contest he isn't very fond of goats.
It was nice scenery despite the gray clouds. It was a good exposure for Mason and nice to be with friends. Mason didn't mind the movement of the boat in the water.
After the boat ride we went to dinner and then looked at Christmas lights. It was a lovely display beginning with this tunnel of lights. We gave it a glowing review, but Mason thought the smells were better than the sights.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Loss and Gain

It was a sad day last month when we received the word that former Executive Director for Guide Dogs of Texas , Mike Mason, had died. He was loved by many for his friendliness, servant's heart and leadership abilities. Though GDTx has found another skilled leader, for which we are all thankful, there was no replacing Mike, the man. This picture was taken in May when Mason, the dog, met his namesake. The dog is just as spirited, friendly and fun loving as the man. We were blessed for having known Mike.
Even as we experience a loss Guide Dogs of Texas will soon be experiencing a gain. Another labradoodle will soon be our newest guide dog puppy in training. Michelle Pelletier, Larry Gelvin and I recently went to see and temperament test the new litter. They are all so cute. Mason now needs to be a good example to a fellow doodle. I think he's up for the challenge. He's maturing nicely - becoming an older and more obedient teenager. Yeah! More picture of him will be coming soon.