Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mason Speaks

Hi from Mason. Mary said I could write this edition of Mason's Tales. I'll catch you up on what's been happening in the last month. I got to see my namesake again. His name is Mike Mason. He used to be the pack leader of the Guide Dogs of Texas. He and his wife, Chris, are really nice. I'm honored to be named after him. I hope to make him proud someday if I become a guide dog.

At the end of May I went to Retama Park with Ernie and Shawna Landy, Ernie's guide dog, Mikey, and Wes and Mary. It was nice to see all those horses going by. At first I thought they were funny looking dogs, but when Mary took me down to see the horses closer up I saw that they are really, really big! I was kind of scared and was glad when we went back upstairs and watched from afar.

Boy, you should have seen Mikey guide Ernie, and all the rest of us, back to the elevator when we were leaving. I heard all the people saying, "Which way is the elevator?" They didn't know. So Ernie just told Mikey to "find the door." Well, Mikey led all of us to the elevator and out to the van. There were several turns and I didn't know where we were going but Mikey did. Wow, he is totally awesome! Someday I hope I can be a guide dog like Mikey.

I got to stay with Ernie, Shawna and Mikey for a night when Wes and Mary went away. Mikey hasn't always been overly friendly to me. I guess he doesn't like us young pups so much, probably it's because we bounce around a lot. Anyway, when I went to his house we got along great. I really liked that night with them. And then I went to another nice home for over a week. Tim and Cindy Buechner took me in. I had a great time with them and their kids, Morgan and Joseph. They were so much fun. I especially liked playing hide-and-go-seek with them. I found them every time. And they had cats too. I didn't have any experience with cats so it was good to learn about them. They're not as bad as I've heard. You know, the whole "Dogs Rule and Cats Drool" thing. I hope all cats are as nice as them. Thank you, Buechners, for taking such good care of me while at your house.

Well, that's about it for now. Mary will write soon about my recent vet appointments. She promised to have some very funny pictures. So come back soon. And if you want to tell me anything please be sure to leave some comments.


puppyluver said...

Looks like you had fun with my brother mikey, I am training too and I hope I have as many brains as mikey does.

I can't wait to be a big boy guide dog, but I don't think I would liek the horses much!

Hope you get tummy rubs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Johnson,

Thanks for writing to me. I remember you from the vet conference. I even took a picture of you. I'll have Mary put it on the blog sometime.

Guess what, Wes and Mary told me I was going to the vet to "get tutored." I was excited. Things turned out a little differently. But I got them back. I tore out part of my stitches. I showed them! Watch for my pictures on the blog.

They're giving me lots of tummy rubs. And I give them kisses and lick their toes.