Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Haircut, Busted and New Trick

Mason is doing well and enjoying his life as a guide dog puppy. He's growing and changing - that includes his coat. The other day we noticed he was getting a little shaggier, especially around his eyes. And his one ear looked a little lopsided since his chewed off some of the hair when he was wearing his e-collar. We decided to give him a little trim.

So, what do you think? Doesn't he look cuter? Now we can better see his nice eyes. The rest of his coat is turning from almost white to light brown. The brown started as a streak down his backbone. Then it worked its way down his sides and up his neck. At the top of his head you can see the line of the adult hair and the puppy hair. What we especially like is that his coat doesn't tangle or shed.
Mason likes to chew paper. When he was very little he shreadded a roll of toilet paper. He really had lots of fun with that. But he outgrew that. He has moved on to tissues. Its especially fun that when he tears one out another one appears just like magic. But when the box is less full he has to reach into the box and get one. That is how he got busted one day.
I knew I should scold him to break the habit, but he looked so cute. For his punishment I made him stay and "wear" the box until I ran and got the camera. Don't you think he looks like he's saying he is sorry. Or maybe its just the embarrasment of being busted.

To keep Mason a little busier I decided to teach him a new "trick." I got the idea from Ignacio, Jade's puppy raiser. I give Mason a Down command which he does quite well. Then I say with slight sterness "I mean it." Below is the result. He's so much fun to work with. We're enjoying being puppy raisers.

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Natalie said...

Aw Mason is so cute with the tissue box stuck on his nose! Both my foster puppies enjoyed stealing and chewing up tissue as well. I also have a few pictures where instead of scolding them I just HAD to grab the camera instead. Too cute!