Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween is a great time for exposing guide dog puppies to sights, sounds and smells. Mason was put to the test in all three of these areas recently when we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Garden Ridge. He saw pumpkins, scare crows and lots of children. He was quite attracted to the sounds of happy children. And he was distracted by the smells of pumpkins, hay and acorns.
Other opportunities for exposures are stores. He was frightened by a talking mummy in one store. We had to walk back and forth several times before he wouldn’t bolt to get away from it. In the end Mason could walk by it without running away but he still kept a wary eye on it. He wasn’t too sure about this skeleton biker or black cat either but they were much less threatening despite their attempt to be scary.

So what did Mason dress up as for Halloween? He impersonated Tim Allen's dog character in the movie The Shaggy Dog. Don't you think he does a good job at it?

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Anonymous said...

haha I love the photo of Mason wearing a tie, he looks a little embarrassed. But he should be proud, he looks rather dapper!