Friday, October 5, 2007

6th Annual Golf Tournament

Well, it’s been awhile since the last blog. I kept telling Mason that it was his blog so he should write it but he didn’t listen. That seems to be a pattern for him lately. He’s into his “teenage” testing the limits stage. We’ll save that subject for another blog.

This time let’s concentrate on the Guide Dogs of Texas 6th Annual Golf Tournament. It was held on Sept. 21 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort. It was a big success with many more attendees than last year. Several people worked for months to make it such a good event. Our minor part was showing up on the day of the event after most of the work was done and helping out. Mason, of course, did his job of public relations.

Mason liked riding in the golf cart when we delivered cold water to the golfers on the warm afternoon. He also liked running alongside the golf cart to release some pent up energy from having to be on his best behavior.
Although Mason wanted to drive the cart we told him he wasn’t old enough to drive so he settled for having his picture taken on the cart.
This was the first time we’d seen the new “moving billboard.” Mason is striking his best pose in hopes that he may be on a future vehicle. He has some pretty big paw prints to fill but he is working on it.
Another puppy working in public relations that day was Zeke. Here he is with Ramiro, his puppy raiser. They are part of the “Pawsitive Approach” program at Dominguez State Jail. Check out the Guide Dogs of Texas website to learn more about the Pawsitive Approach program. It’s one of those win-win-win situations. Guide Dogs of Texas wins in getting more puppies trained. The state of Texas wins in having few disciplinary cases to process. The offenders win by taking responsibility for training the puppy and helping the community.
After a hard day of work Mason took a break on the Texas styled swing seat.

The food table was set and the food was almost ready. All we needed now was the golfers. They were ready for the good bar-b-que when they returned. Mason posed in front of the table but he didn’t get to eat any of it. The “no people food” rule is strictly enforced in our household. No visually impaired person wants their guide dog sniffing their food or that of others. Mason, being an optimist, still tries occasionally but is quickly corrected. Our rule is “You can’t eat our food and we won’t eat yours.”
After several hours of wearing his coat, symbolizing that he was working, Mason was glad to come home. He celebrated being off duty by running around the back yard at full speed. Oh the joy of running free. We hope you are having a “wind blowing through your hair” type of day.

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