Friday, May 11, 2007

Casino Night for Guide Dogs of Texas

We had a Casino Night to raise funds for Guide Dogs of Texas in mid-April. A good time was had by all and we made money (always a plus). As a nonprofit organization GDTx fundraising and friend raising are and important focus so we can help the visually impaired.

The Casino Night had several people and dogs in attendance. Some were working guide dogs and some were guide dog puppies in training. Mason was one of those puppies. As the youngest puppy he was a hit and did a good job as an ambassador.

Wes and Mason stand in front of a table that was sponsored by Grumpy's Mexican Cafe. Various businesses sponsored the tables.

Lou Ann and Ernie stand in front of the silent auction table while their guide dogs take a break. In the background Mike and Michelle Dolan, sponsors from Scrapbook 911, check out the auction items. Notice the signed Tony Parker jersey on the table. Go Spurs!

Johnson, a guide dog puppy being raised by the Dolans, keeps watch for Michelle as Mike gambles.

Ed, Ernie and Lou Ann have some food while their dogs have a rest. Guide dogs are trained not to beg for food at the table. They have, however, been known to ask for a treat now and then.

This guide dog is checking out the music.

It was an exciting night, especially for a young pup. Mason takes a snooz under a blackjack table.

Before casino night we visited many businesses with Jade asking if they wanted to be involved with the casino night. After the event we returned with Mason and a photo of the two thanking those who participated.


puppyluver said...

Great job!!! I love all the photos. I can't wait to see the next installment. :o) Thaks for all the hard work!

candycane said...

I know I had a great time at Casino Night. You worked very hard and it all paid off! can't wait till next year!