Sunday, May 6, 2007


Mason, a labradoodle puppy, is being raised to be a guide dog for the Guide Dogs of Texas. He's our third guide dog puppy. The first one, Heidi, is a golden/lab female cross and was raised for Southeastern Guide Dogs. She is now a guide dog for a man near Miami, FL. Our second puppy, Jade, is a yellow lab and is continuing her training with the Guide Dogs of Texas.

We live in Cibolo, Texas, northeast of San Antonio. Mason came to live with us. 6 weeks ago. We wanted to start blogging as soon as we got him, but we've never blogged before and we were a little busy. We had Jade and Mason for a few weeks. It was wild. So, we'll start where we are and add some pictures to catch up.

Mary with Mason at 7 weeks. A breeder in Austin gave us a choice of three puppies. Michelle, the Puppy Raising Program Manager for Guide Dogs of Texas, did a temperament test on the puppies. One was too "soft" to be a guide dog. One had too much prey drive. Mason was just right.

Mary explaining to Jade that she's going to be a "big sister" and will need to be on her best behaviour. Mason arrives on our 29th anniversary.

Jade and Mason played hard and needed some time outs. That's when they sang the blues.
Mason took his first mall walk when he was 9 weeks old. He worked hard at keeping up with his "big sister," Jade. We gave him a rest in a field of bluebonnets.
Well, that's the start of Mason's blog. We'll catch up with more photos next time.

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candycane said...

YAY!! You have the blog up and running. I'm really excited about being able to watch Mason grow. It will be like having an old friend come in by the time he is in the Kennel with us =)