Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More Mason's Tales

This is a continuation of catching up on Mason's Tales - learning to be a guide dog.

"Big sister" Jade tells Mason some tricks of the trade. Here she tells Mason about going "busy" outside. Mason wants to know what "busy" is and learns it simply means eliminating waste. Mason is taken out often and told to "Go busy" as he goes. He eventually catches on. Thanks for the help, Jade.

Mason returns the favor by giving Jade a dental exam.

Mason learns to eat dry food from a dish. He likes to lie down as he eats. He soon learns to keep most of the food in the bowl as he eats.

Mason and Jade proudly pose in their vests. They will have a big outing today.

But first it's pre-trip nap time. "Gee, I wonder where we're going?"

On Mary's birthday we all went to Sea World. Though it was barely April it was a hot day. We didn't stay very long since we have a season pass. We'll be back. We got to see the dolphins, horses and donkeys. The Clydesdales are very interested in the puppies and vice versa.
On the way home we stop at Dairy Queen and have a post-trip nap.

Mason has so much to learn, including how to ride in a vehicle. He tries to ride on the seat but is shown back down to the floor where he belongs. He prefers being on the seat so he can see out. We know that it won't be too long before he will be able to see out the windows from the floor. The puppies grow up fast.

Until Mason learned to go busy outside he was banned to the den and kitchen. We set up barriers to enforce this ban. Mason lets us know how he feels about being seperated from fellow guide dog puppy, Jade, or from his new people, Wes and Mary.

The pups wait at the back window letting us know they want to come in from the enclosed patio where they've been playing. If they had just turned around they would have seen that the back door was wide open. Jade eventually figured it out and led Mason into the house. Mason enjoyed his "Big Sister" but it was now time for Jade to move to another stage of training. We'll get to see Jade from time to time as she continues her training to become a guide dog. It will be fun to see her make progress towards that goal.

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candycane said...

Jade was here at the Kennel just the other day. You guys have done a great job with her. Can't wait till she is here for good =)