Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Spring has come to Texas and summer will not be far behind. We've had lots of activities. Mason has been busy, lots of posing for pictures too as you will see.
We had lunch at Smokey Bones, one of the supporters of our Casino night. David Neathery is the Board Chairman. Michelle Pelletier is the Puppy Raising Program Manager - our "Boss!" Jaimie Landy is a Trainer. Ernie Landy is the Volunteer Coordinator. Below the table are Mikey, guide dog extraordiaire, and Mason, guide dog puppy. We had good food and the dogs had a good nap.

We went with several friends to see the wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country in early May. There were still some bluebonnets left and lots of yellow, purple and red flowers. Then we went to the Wildseed Farms near Fredericksburg.

As you can see Mason is becoming a good poser (or at least puts up with it).
Ready for the long ride home.

We took Mason to visit Wes' brother in the hospital. It cheered him up to see Mason's antics. He is back home and doing well.
In our next blog we'll show you photos from a Puppy Play Day. - 25 dogs and 35 people.

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